Fill in these blanks... 

My audience is: ____________________

My main goal for this copy is: ____________________

My branding tells my followers that I am: ____________________

My tone is clear and tells followers that I am: ____________________

My 30-second elevator speech goes like this: __________________________


When selling, the 3 main points I focus on are: _______________________

Did you struggle at all with clear, concise language for any of these blanks? If so, let's take a step back, together. 

Your messaging, your tone, your branding and your sales needs to be spot on - no gray area - no uncertainty - because if you don't have this, your copy won't be "you" and it won't be effective.


Plenty of businesses and entrepreneurs stop at this point and fade out because they don't know where to go from here, and the internet is so. full. of. noise.  


We don't want that for you. So let's get clear together. Click the link below to schedule a quick chat. It's free and whether we work together or not, you will leave with some great resources to refresh or clarify your voice - on me. 


If you are a manager or business owner and are seeking this type of clarity among your teams, please reach out and clarify that in the notes section while you're scheduling. Sales teams that are inconsistent and struggle to make numbers regularly are lacking clarity or confidence...

WE can help with both.

Friendly Business Team
Business Team
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